Dr. Imtiaz Hassan

Dr. Mohammad Imtiaz, Medical Director of Diabetic’s Institute Pakistan Lahore. He graduated from Allama Iqbal Medical College. He received his Fellowship in Internal medicine from College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan in 1998. His main area of interest is Diabetes Medicine. He was a member of the editorial board of monthly “Sugar” an exclusive newspaper for diabetic patients.

He wrote many articles for patients’ education including two books in Urdu “Ziabetes Kaya Kyun Kaisay” and “Insulin”. He has delivered keynote lectures on Diabetes, Hypertension and Dislipdemia in different clinical symposia. He is faculty member Family Medicine Education  Centre and course instructor of One Year Course on Diabetes for General Practioners.

He is member of Global Advisory Board of A1chieve Study. He had several posters presentation in different international conferences. His research work published in different national and international peer reviewed journals.He also holds membership of American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist (AACE). He is affiliated with Diabetic Institute Pakistan since 1999.

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